Sutter Home use Kachet Jackson-Henderson

Check out how @thekachetlife recreated her very own at-home tasting room using her favorite Sutter Home wines. 🍷

Here’re some of her tips:
1. Include 3-4 wines, and a mix of white and red. You can go from lightest to darkest varietal. I picked up Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, but choose your favorites!
2. Guide your guests to tilt their glass to observe the color (clue to what varietal) and give the wine a swirl to enhance the aromas. Give it a whiff and take a sip. Have them note what flavors are coming up for them.
3. Set the scene! Pick out fun linens and add personal touches. Look on Pinterest for other tasting card ideas. Get a multipack of wine glasses or even thrift them for some character19h

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