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Yellow Tail wine alcohol + junk = obese, diabetes.

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Barby season is kicking off!

We are giving away a portable Weber BBQ and 2 bottles of [yellow tail] wine to enjoy this summer. For a chance to WIN, simply comment below telling us whether you’re a burger, sausage or veggie fan?

Entry closes midnight 17th May. T&Cs apply.

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Barefoot wine alcohol targeting women home alone.



You too could be hangin’ with a Roo!

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You too could be hangin’ with a Roo! Share this post using & to enter a chance to win a trip to Australia. 🍷✈️

Yellow Suit guy selling Yellow Tail wine alcohol.

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I had a big adventure today. Check back tomorrow to see how my day went!

Guy in a yellow suit selling Australian wine alcohol.


This could be you relaxin’ on a beach down unda’. Share now with & &enter 2 win a trip 2 Australia. Rules in Bio