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Wine hack: Open a bottle of Cava the right way by placing one had at the punt and one hand on the cork of the Cava bottle and twist from the bottom! Use a kitchen towel to hold the bottle steady

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Jacobs Creek toxic alcohol with added sulfites



Toxic alcohol with added sulfites destroy your system.



Jacobs Creek toxic alcohol with added sulfites



Jacobs Creek toxic alcohol by Pernod Ricard



moekofukuda selling Jacobs Creek for Pernod Ricard.

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Visited a winery in search of my favorite Shiraz limited wine🍷 Barossa Valley is the oldest wine-producing region in Australia and now has more than 150 wineries✨

ここでしか買えないワインを求めて世界的に有名なJACOB’S CREEKのワイナリーへ✨