Mionetto Prosecco -women at home the prime target.


mionetto family recipe

It鈥檚 time to remember mummy鈥檚 precious tricks.
Brush the last recipe prepared together up, add a personal touch and amaze her! 馃馃А
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Enjoy Mionetto responsibly

Alcohol acetaldehyde – a highly toxic substance and known carcinogen

mionetto prosecco

Alcohol is metabolized by several processes or pathways. The most common of these pathways involves two enzymes鈥攁lcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). These enzymes help break apart the alcohol molecule, making it possible to eliminate it from the body. First, ADH metabolizes alcohol to acetaldehyde, a highly toxic substance and known carcinogen (1). Then, in a second step, acetaldehyde is further metabolized down to another, less active byproduct called acetate (1), which then is broken down into water and carbon dioxide for easy elimination (2).

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Venice scenario for an authentic taste of Prosecco.