Stephanie Gallo putting the workers out front.

stephanie gallo william hill

Delighted to stop by our William Hill Winery and say hello to our hospitality team who does an amazing job serving our consumers most joyful and memorable moments.


Barefoot wine using hotpinkpineapples

barefoot cyn


Bust out the 🍷 @BarefootWine it’s time to celebrate! #ad Honestly there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than staying in and cleaning my new finished closet because sometimes the #JOMO is better than anything else! Also, I’m thrilled to be a part of the Barefoot Wine #SlayTeam this year because not only is their wine delicious but this #BarefootOnTap matches my closet perfectly 😉Does anyone else get super excited about how good it feels to have a clean and organized room? I think it’s the best feeling! #TapIntoJomo #BarefootWine