Ashly Perez selling Barefoot wine toxic alcohol for Gallo



I never really thought I would be a cat person, but this little guy, @kingjameskitty, has become my best friend. He鈥檚 a grade- A weirdo, like me, and there鈥檚 nothing more I love than relaxing at home and watch him goof around. I鈥檝e partnered with @barefootwine and their support of to let you know your animal bestie is waiting to be adopted right now <3. Shop Barefoot鈥檚 new Furry Friends items here: #barefootwine #ad #slayteam #BarefootFurryFriends

Alcohol link to dementia? That’s due to a number of factors: the inflammatory effect of alcohol, the sugar load, and the toxin demands on the liver.

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