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Life’s simple pleasures- being able to celebrate our wins in the most beautiful company. 🍾 ✨ In onesies!🤣♥️ Let’s be honest guys, spending Winter nights indoors slaps.

Ideally, I’d be visiting @houseofjcleroux in Cape Town, but now I can have my favourite bubbly tasting in the comfort of my own home!

I also have a 10% discount code just for you to use when purchasing your own celebration tasting box!
There are 3 delicious celebration tasting boxes to choose from:

The Sparkling Sweet box, The Demi-Sec/Dry box and J.C. Le Roux’s iconic Nougat Pairing box. Take a virtual tour through the House of J.C. Le Roux and meet the winemaker who will guide you through your tasting.

Click the link on @houseofjcleroux bio to purchase a tasting box, make sure to use my code CANDICE10% for a 10% discount and enjoy your favourite bubbly experience wherever you are.

Let’s celebrate loves!!!🥂♥️

📸: @boitu_, the realest to ever do it. 👊🏽

#JCLeRoux #HomeOfCelebration
#JustCelebrate #StaySafe

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