.@patricia_j in paid partnership with @barefootwine_ca


Paid partnership with barefootwine_ca

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[ #ad ] Summer has arrived and you know your girl is ready for a GLAMGIRL summer with @barefootwine_ca !🍷Honestly, chilled vino pairs perfectly with the hot summer heat and Barefoot Wine’s Pinot Grigio is the perfect beverage, and one of my favs, to kick-off my long weekend while laying out at home in the summer sunshine ☀️What will you be sippin’ on this long weekend?! You can find me right here after work enjoying an end of day bevey!🍷 Cheers! #LetsGetBarefoot #BarefootWine #GetBarefoot #drinkresponsibly https://lnk2.io/wWPMVJp

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